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Animbiigoo Zaagi igan Anishinaabek


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Become an Auditor Certificate Program

Training Program to Become an Auditor with Indigenous Works' Employer of Choice Certification Program

Join Indigenous Works in a two-day training workshop organized in partnership with AETS. The theme of the workshop is 'Indigenous Works Employer of Choice Certification Program' and the training focuses on the role of certification Auditors who will learn the theory, principles and structure of the program and how to deliver it to employers in your region. Employers are looking for standards by which to assess their organizational readiness to develop and deliver effective Indigenous employment policies, strategies and practices. This new certification program provides a framework to assess employers' efforts and convey that they have achieved a high level of mastery in areas of Indigenous employment and workplace inclusion. Training participants will learn the fundamentals of the program and how to audit employers' workplace and employment practices to determine if these employers can call themselves 'Employers of Choice'. This training will appeal to outgoing individuals who enjoy visiting and working with companies to grow employers' knowledge and ability to attract, recruit, advance and retain Indigenous employees and put into place an inclusive workplace design. Participants need not have prior expertise in human resources and employment. Indigenous Works will provide the training you need to administer the certification program and the foundational skills to apply it. We are looking for participants who feel confident in their ability to call on employers and help them acquire the certification they need to be more successful at Indigenous employment. All training sessions will be done remotely by video conference platform.

Craig Hall, Chief Operating Officer
Indigenous Works