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Animbiigoo Zaagi igan Anishinaabek


members as of


AZA Chief and Council

Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan Anishinaabek is represented by an elected Chief and Council, which consist of the following persons.

Chief Theresa Nelson


Boozhoo, I am a proud Anishinaabek woman.

I graduated from Geraldton Composite High School with Honours. I went on to Sault College where I graduated from the Forestry Technician Program as well as the Fish and Wildlife Technician Program.

I am in a committed relationship with Herb Goodman and we have a beautiful daughter Rachel. I am an avid trapper,hunter and fisherwoman. I am passionate about business and own my company - Spiritstone Creations.

 I have worked for our community since I was 16 years old. I have had many positions since that time, but I am most passionate about generating revenue for our community and have been involved heavily In forestry, mining most recently.

My focus will be on developing our economy. We are working on developing a community economic development strategy. And alongside of this initiative, we will work on skills development for our people and entrepreneurial opportunities. We are also examining our policies and will consolidate proven best practises to improve upon how we conduct business.

Councillor Lynda Lynch


Boozhoo, my name is Lynda and I am the Daughter of Aileen Malcolm and Richard Darling, granddaughter of Walter & Jane Nelson and Nora & Paddy Darling. I am married to the love of my life, Brodie Lynch. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children , Keirra-Mae and Khevyn. 

Over the next 3 years it will be my responsibility and honor to represent Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan Anishinaabek with the greatest respect, honesty and integrity. I will honor your voices and opinions and welcome your participation.

It is my mission to encourage the value of lifelong learning through initiatives and developing programming, to provide equal opportunity by offering support programs for personal growth, and to make a positive difference in every situation. Overall, I hope to motivate and inspire our community members with hands on approaches , to build trust through new and existing relationships, and to facilitate change through sustainable growth within our Health and Social Services Department. 

It is my vision for Partridge Lake Reserve to be a self-sufficient, culturally driven community. Our Policies and Codes will be the first step in creating sustainable solutions to establishing a safe and healthy future .


Councillor Denise Bottle   


I was elected March 23, 2013 as Band Councillor. I have two children John and Keesha and one Grandson Gregory and partner Karl. I am employed at the Thunderbird Friendship Centre in Geraldton, Ontario full-time as the Aboriginal Criminal Court worker for the past 22 years.  I come from a family of 5 siblings and was raised in Beardmore and Jellicoe and spend some summers at Lake Nipigon when I was younger.

I have been working toward an Aboriginal Community Development Certificate through Confederation College and George Brown College. It entails Historical Trauma and Aboriginal Resiliency, Aboriginal Governance and Leadership, Aboriginal Culture and History and Aboriginal Gender and Family Roles.

My goals are to work on election policy, leadership policy, ratification policy and financial policies. I want the band to be transparent and accountable to the members.

I enjoy going out to Toronto Lake and Lake Nipigon fishing and hunting. I like spending time with my family and love my down time at her brother's camp.


Councillor Alice Sasines


I am married to Raymond Sasines , have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. I grew up in Jellicoe and have lived in Thunder Bay area most of my life. I spent a few years in Sioux Narrows and Alberta before moving back to Beardmore and opening a restaurant. I started working for AZA in 2008 as the community planning assistant and moved up to community planner in 2010.  My goal at that time was to complete a comprehensive community plan for AZA. It was quite a challenge, but with the support and teamwork of the planning committee and the members of AZA it was accomplished in 2012 . 

My vision, when I started working for AZA, was to see a plan in place and being recognized as a progressive First Nation. That vision has been accomplished with the completion of our CCP and LUP. The recognition came in the form of being recognized as the best in Planning Excellence through the Canadian Institute of Planning.  I am honoured to receive this award as it will show the hard work that was put into the CCP and the fact that we know where we want to be in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. 

As a Councillor, my vision is to see our community developed into a community that all AZA members can be proud of .

My main focus for the next three years is to begin construction at Lake Nipigon Reserve. My goals include implementation of the CCP by completing the tasks set out as short-term priorities, economic development to create employment and revenue for our First Nation, and improving our governance .


Councillor Cindy Kindla

I will be married 30 years this coming November. I have 2 children. Richard, 41 years on November 22, 2013 and my daughter Cheryl who will be 40 in April 2014.1have3 beautiful grandchildren - gifts from my son and daughter-in law Tracy. They are Kaine, Casey, and Lilli. I have worked with the Liquor Control Board for 28 years and I will be retiring August 31/2013. I want to finish my Grade 12 and also devote more time to my Councillor position. I have been learning as much as possible. I have lived in Beardmore for 42 years. I enjoy being with my family and friends. I like to read when I have time. I enjoy going to concerts -Rock, Country. I love music, dancing, fishing and going for walks. Now that I will be retiring hopefully Iwill have a little more time for these interests. 

This has been a great learning experience so far. I would like to get revenue started for the band. I want to work together in harmony and have a relationship with members based on trust and honesty.