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GGM LTRA Implementation


Good Day Everyone!


As most of you may know I am and Mason Shawayahamish and have been working for Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan Anishinaabek since June 2016 and I am the LTRA Implementation Coordinator.

I make sure that the commitments that were made by GGM and our First Nation that are in the LTRA are being kept.

If you have any questions about employment, training, the LTRA or MDLP please contact me.

My email is or cell number is 807-708-2252. If I do not answer right away please leave a message.


Also I am currently working in partnership with AETS to conduct the ILMI Surveys. Some of you have completed these surveys back in early 2019. If you have completed one in 2019 there will be a need to do a follow up survey. If you haven't completed one in 2019 you can still do one. There will be draws of up to $1000 and you will also receive a $10 PC gift card. 

Click on this to view the ILMI Poster for more information.

Check out the AETS Website for upcoming training opportunities as well! Right now they are offering a pre-health sciences course! They also extended their registration deadline for the PSW course!