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AZA Education

AZA Education strives to assist our members in gaining access toquality Post Secondary Education and to always encourage ourmembers to attain the skills and qualifications needed topursue individual and community goals.



Education Counsellor
Job Description Summary:

The Education Counsellor administers the Post Secondary education program and budget according to established guidelines and provides counselling services to students in the post secondary programs.


Education Program Summary:

The program provides a number of services to AZA members governed by the education policy.

  • Provides assistance during the application process  for sponsorship
  • Coordinates funding for members approved for sponsorship of post secondary education
  • Provides students with support to maintain a good academic average
  • Monitors student success and provides information on scholarships and bursaries
  • Manages the education budget to ensure as many students that want to further their education can.  




To review the Education Policy please click here




For additional information on the AZA Education Program and services please contact our Education Counsellor Ana Nichols .

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