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Animbiigoo Zaagi igan Anishinaabek


members as of


AZA Employment & Training



Employment and Training programs and opportunities are open to all Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek members and spouses.

Please send updated resumes to our office. If we become aware of any opportunities that arise, we can contact you or send in your resume to the companies that we are working with.

Send Resumes to:

Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek

Attn: Employment and Training Opportunities
P.O. Box 120
Beardmore, ON
P0T 1G0
Phone (807) 875 – 2785
Fax (807) 875 – 2786

If you know of any training courses or opportunities please contact the office with any information that you may have.



For additional information on our Employment and Training programs and opportunities, please contact our Development Manager Joe Donio.

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