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Animbiigoo Zaagi igan Anishinaabek


members as of


AZA Policy Committee

This is a volunteer committee which has been formed for a specific purpose and will be dissolved when the task is completed.




Policy Committee Secretary Job Description Summary:

  • arrange meetings, prepare agendas, prepare minutes
  • taking action to implement committee decisions; this may include:
  • obtain information for the next or future meeting;
  • prepare draft paper for the next or future meeting;
  • ask a third party to provide advice to the next or future meeting;
  • prepare correspondence dealing with issues as required
  • prepare background notes;
  • provide advice to the chair and committee members on policy matters and on matters of process;
  • maintain appropriate committee records in an accessible form;


Animbiigoo Zaagi'igan Anishinaabek Policy Committee Summary:

  • To review the Master Policy (Membership Code, Election Code and Financial Policy)
  • To identify gaps and weaknesses in the Master Policy
  • To provide recommendations on changes to policy to address the gaps and weakeness identified
  • To present recommendations to Chief, Council, and Membership for endorsement



For additional information on our Policy Committee please contact our Band Administrator Kevin McDonald.