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Chief Theresa Nelson

Chief Theresa Nelson


Boozhoo, I am a proud Anishinaabek woman.

I graduated from Geraldton Composite High School with Honours. I went on to Sault College where I graduated from the Forestry Technician Program as well as the Fish and Wildlife Technician Program.

I am in a committed relationship with Herb Goodman and we have a beautiful daughter Rachel. I am an avid trapper,hunter and fisherwoman. I am passionate about business and own my company - Spiritstone Creations.

 I have worked for our community since I was 16 years old. I have had many positions since that time, but I am most passionate about generating revenue for our community and have been involved heavily In forestry, mining most recently.

My focus will be on developing our economy. We are working on developing a community economic development strategy. And alongside of this initiative, we will work on skills development for our people and entrepreneurial opportunities. We are also examining our policies and will consolidate proven best practises to improve upon how we conduct business.