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AZA Environmental Technician

AZA is Hiring an Environmental Technician

The ownership dispute at GGM is ending and new owners are taking over. This is very positive news for the Hardrock project and we are hopeful that construction will start later in 2021.

More information on these changes can be found on Premier Gold's website:  Premier Gold Press Releases

This job was originally posted in early 2020, but with the ownership dispute causing project delays, the recruitment process was put on hold.

The time is now right to hire one of our members to full this role so they can be prepared before the project goes into construction. 

Our Environmental Technician will be employed by AZA and will work with Greenstone Gold Mines for the life of the Mine! This is a long-term employment opportunity.

To read more, please follow the link posted below. 

AZA Environmental Technician Job Posting

The closing date for applications is January 29, 2021.